Great Tips On Getting Rid Of Cigarette Smoke Smell In The Home

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The smells and odors of smoking seem to get into everything and on everything. It may be one of the most annoying smells because it clings, but these few tips will help you eliminate the problem easily. Getting rid of cigarette smoke in the home may seem like an impossible chore at first, but is actually quite easy with a little effort.

The first thing you want to do is to let the fresh air in. Open all the windows and let the whole place air out. If you get a current going through the open windows, it brings the smell of the outdoors inside also. As long as there is smoking inside, you'll want to do this every day to cut down on the smell.

Something many people don't think about when airing out the rooms from cigarette smells is the light bulbs. Heat gives off a smell at times, and the smoke that has built up on the light bulbs over time will do just that. When the bulbs heat up as they are being used, you'll start to get a smoky smell in a room or near the light.

Another area most don't think about is the walls. Smoke and tar stick to the walls in whatever room you light-up in. As that builds up on the wall, it will change the color of the wall and is noticeable on white or pale walls. Once they are washed off the walls, not only will they look cleaner, but brighter too.

The fibers in carpet and rugs are notorious for holding onto every piece of dust and dirt, and odors. Frequent vacuuming will lift most of those smells out of the fibers. However, shampooing the rugs and carpets every few months will eliminate trapped odors and make your house smell much better.

Drapes and curtains are also great at holding onto smells, especially smoky ones. These fall under the category of light bulbs and walls as far as people forgetting to clean them frequently. Most curtains can be thrown in a washer to get rid of smells, but most shades may need to be replaced unless you put a lot of hard work into cleaning them. After you take care of your window treatments, clean the fixtures. Smoke rises, so it makes sense that the ceiling fans and chandeliers would have a layer of tar on them that needs cleaned off.

Getting rid of the smoky smell in the air can be done easily with stuff around your house also. Lay a few peelings from lemons and oranges in various rooms; these will soak up the bad smells. A bowl of vinegar also does a wonderful job of cleaning up the air. Just do this a few times a week and you'll get rid of all the lingering odors in the air.

Using these few simple tips will have you getting rid of the cigarette smoke in the home easily and quickly. To keep the odors at bay, it is important to be diligent in taking care of your home. Open the windows every chance you get, wipe things down with vinegar, and vacuum frequently to keep the house smelling as good as a nonsmoker's home.
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Great Tips On Getting Rid Of Cigarette Smoke Smell In The Home

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This article was published on 2010/12/02