Pet Urine - Has it Ruined My Carpet?

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Whether you rescue an older dog who was not properly trained, or bring a new puppy into your home, you may find that occasional accidents happen.

Don't despair if a pet urinates on your carpet or rug -- but do take action!

First, blot the spot with paper towels. Then, rinse with warm water and blot or extract with a wet vacuum (don't use your regular vacuum cleaner, you'll rust the motor).

Don't play chemist

Don't try multiple products on the spot. You may set the discoloration and cause chemical reactions in the carpet. If the spot persists, and the smell is also a problem, get professional help. They can help you assess the damage and treat the urine smell.

When the technician comes to your home, he will use a black light to make sure he is finding all the spots. Just like on CSI, any body fluids will fluoresce under light a bluish-white color. Also, he can use his highly trained nose to sniff for spots that do not appear visibly.

The best pet urine removal treatment awakens even older stained areas and causes the urine molecules to be completely exploded and hence, the smell will be gone. Trained technicians can apply just enough product to each spot and properly treat it. Within 48 hours, the smell should be completely gone.

Help avoid repeat offenders

Now, to help your pet not have the same problem again, you can take a dry washcloth, lightly rub it over your pet's body, then pass it over the clean, dry carpet. This will put the pet's scent onto the carpet, so that now: 1. It doesn't smell like urine anymore 2. It doesn't smell "funny" because it's clean and 3. It smells like home!

Do this trick with the washcloth whenever you bring a new pet into your home. It should help visitors and new animals feel right at home without marking their territory.

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Pet Urine - Has it Ruined My Carpet?

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This article was published on 2010/03/29